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When a rainbow appeared in my blue WordPress sky…

It was a few days ago; did you get one? I suddenly registered that there was a rainbow band across the top of my blog, on every page, incl the Stats and Reader. It’s not on my actual blog site, but firmly everywhere else.

I couldn’t see it on other blogs though, so last night I Googled it: ‘Why rainbow on WordPress blog?’

Google offered me 2 other people who’d asked the same question of WordPress, both of whom were cranky, saying ‘get this rainbow off my site!’

Here’s the WordPress reply:

Australia will be holding a national survey on marriage equality over the next two months. To show our support for marriage equality, we’re showing the rainbow bar to all our Australian visitors. You can read more about the marriage equality campaign here:

We cannot remove this banner for individual sites. We understand it looks a bit different to what you’re used to, but it’s here for everyone. We absolutely respect your right to publish the content you choose to your site, but the navigation bar styling reflects’s stance as a company.

The rainbow bar will remain until after the survey results are released, on November 15.

If this causes you to choose to leave, we’re sorry to see you go. You can find documentation on how to move your site here:

We can also assist your move with our Guided Transfer service:


And here’s the poster my love ‘H’ designed… feel free to contact me [Australians only] and I can email it for you to print and put up. Love is Love xxoo




  1. Thanks for sharing this information! I’m not in Australia, so I haven’t seen the rainbows, but I now effin’ love WordPress, too! It’s heartening to see a company live its values—even if it means it might lose a customer or two (but will ultimately gain many more). Good luck with the vote for marriage equality—we’re eagerly watching. The world needs some good news!

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    • Thanks Donna! Isn’t it an amazing action by WordPress? I couldn’t believe it, I’m so glad I Googled it and found out more. Yes, it’s RIDICULOUS a country like Australia is being so slow & backward re marriage equality, but it’s just a matter of time thank goodness. And hell yes, we need good news, and more LOVE. Thank you for reading & commenting so kindly xO G

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  2. My family’s in WA. One of my nephews has been pretty vocal on the subject so I knew about this. He lives with his girlfriend and their friends, a gay couple. Love H’s poster! I did a blog a while back in support of Pride here, with my own rainbow graphic.

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    • Awesome! Nice to know the WA Aussies are onto it 😊
      Yes, I remember that post of yours- I think that’s one that helped me find & follow you 😊

      And yes, H’s design skills are all round awesome 😝❤

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  3. gigglingfattie says

    Omg I love this! And especially since they are like “this reflects the WordPress company and if you don’t like it, there’s the door” haha! Awesome.

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  4. Loved reading your recent posts and am also impressed with WordPress. Here in the UK with all its big C onservatives and small c conservatism love for a partner has been made equal in marriage after much sweat! Your teenage son sounds wonderful too!

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  6. mrjabbatron says

    Thanks for posting this explanation. Yours was the first result in a google search! Wasn’t sure if the rainbow was for the survey or a random coincidence. Also can’t tell if it appears at the top of my page or just when in admin mode. Interesting seeing the different stands that companies are taking on this. And interesting they have just added it Down Under…

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    • Oooh, that’s great to know: I’m almost Google famous! 🙂
      Apparently it appears on all blogs if viewed in Australia (I got a response from WordPress). It’s going to stay up till the Marriage Equality results in Nov. Cheers gabrielle, and thanks for commenting


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    • OMG you are the BEST! So sweet, so generous : ) Thank you for the shout out : ) I have to reblog this! They look great… I wish I could get them. Thanks so much for saying ‘Yes’ to my suggestion, and to Marriage Equality too of course. Have a fab week with those nails xxx


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