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The ‘rainbow bar’ comes from an Australian engineer; here’s a screenshot

In this crazy time of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, I just want to celebrate a little human caring. This is for all you fabulous Americans/Canadians/UKs/Kiwis etc etc who (after my previous post HERE) commented “I wish I had one of those!”:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.42.17 pm

I’d sent that post in to ‘Discover’ on WordPress, not to get ‘Discovered’, but just to try and let WordPress know how impressed I was. I fast got this email back from the Editorial Team:

“Hello GG,

Thanks so much for sharing your kind words about the rainbow bar with us. One of our Australian engineers conceived this idea and put it together to be able to show and Automattic’s support for marriage equality.

I posted your note and I know he’ll appreciate your support. As a Canadian, (where we’ve had marriage equality since 2005) I wholeheartedly hope Australia votes YES. Let love win!

All the best…”

And I’ve only had 2 negative comments, which I trashed, and removed as Followers of my blog.

Love and let Love indeed ❀



      • I am tormented at how Australia is handling this whole thing to be honest. While I am relieved finally there will be a possibility of marriage equality I am very upset about the way they have gone about it. I won’t impeach my opinion on your blog but if you are interested in reading about my opinion it is an August post on my blog called “Let me get on this fucking high horse for a minute!!”

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        • Oh I totally agree Jad. It’s horrible, unnecessary, and painful for many gay folk, esp the children of queer parents. The negative stuff is awful, but the good stuff is wonderful, and it’s really making people show their colours of support. But I do live in a gorgeous rainbow bubble up here near Byron Bay! I’m sure it’s way more shitty if you’re a teen in Western Sydney… xO

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  1. gigglingfattie says

    This is so awesome! Congrats on such a quick reply. And I’m glad that you have the choice to delete people from following your blog who are just going to be hateful trolls (I’m assuming it was that bad since you took them off your follow list). I’ve already started researching some rainbow nails! Can’t wait for 3 weeks to come and I can try one out!!

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    • Thanks- I just decided Life was too short to even reply to their comments, or let them have any more insights into my life. One of them was vehemently opposed to WordPress’s use of the rainbow- called it fascist propaganda! I’ve ZERO time for someone like that (who’d never commented before). Please mention me in the rainbow nails so I don’t miss it πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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      • gigglingfattie says

        Yeah I have no time for people like that either. What I hate is how sometimes people will assume that since I’m Christian, I’m going to be riding the hate bandwagon. Which sucks! I left a church becasue of their hate rhetoric and have dropped so many people from my life becasue of it.

        And I most definitely let you know! A new video is going up today, and the next one will be the rainbows!

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