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Planning with teenage son

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Him: One more week of school then I’m on holidays for a month.

Me: [In hopeful tone] But we’re still doing fortnight on/fortnight off aren’t we?

Him: Not a chance Mum! At Dad’s I have to live on cereal all day; being here is like staying at some kind of foodie resort… I ain’t going anywhere…



    • Yes we are… except for all the extra washing up/cooking/cleaning! I tell my son: ‘when you’re here, I spend 3 times as much on food…’

      He just grins (in that special way that glows my heart ā¤ļø)

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    • Hahaha so true! I dread it when my son has 2 or 3 friends over… I just start hiding food in my room so I don’t have to fight for it!
      Thanks for reading & commenting: it’s good to know I’m not alone šŸ˜ƒ


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