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Starting the Three Capes Track adventure in Tasmania

Four women over 50 get ready for a backpacking and hiking adventure in Tasmania

Ready for action on the Three Capes Track trail #hiking #over50 #adventures #wellbeing #fun #Tasmania

I’m back from the wilds of Tasmania! And clearly WE MADE IT. But oh my goodness was it a long, hard slog.

We met in Hobart, and spent a night comparing pack sizes, being a bit giggly with both excitement and nerves. Three women over 50, and one about to turn- hence this walk, which she organized brilliantly.

We Ubered to Port Arthur, from where we had to catch a 2pm ferry to the track drop off point; and so began the first of several ‘incidents’.

You see, there’s me in that first selfie, quite happily thinking I’m going on a max. 15 minute boat ride on flat calm water, all happy happy with my dear friends. Till we find out it’s actually about an hour long, we go right out to the edge of the cape to spot wildlife, and it’s so rough and wet that they automatically provide all passengers with full length head-to-toe red capes.

We do not want to be on this Tasmanian ferry to the start of the Three Capes track

What do you mean we’re on here for an hour? This was not part of the plan. And it’s how rough today? #seasickness #unimpressed #over50 #clowns

Anyway, we survived; we did see a sea eagle’s nest (over 30 years old), and spot some albatrosses; we got absolutely wave sprayed, but by sheer mind power alone didn’t get too seasick- no photos sorry as I was glued to the hand railing for safety and emotional support.

Tasmanian wilderness Three Capes Track over 50 hikers

Let me off this boat #landlubber #over50adventure #wildernesshiking

It was the longest hour of my life, and damn good to head towards land and the drop off point; that phrase “the sea was boiling with wave swell, smashing onto rocky cliffs” fitted perfectly. And I wasn’t alone in the suffering.

So we disembarked at the isolated cove (approx 15 other walkers were on the boat with us), and waved a nervous goodbye to our connection with civilisation, then set off- only a 4.5km hike to the first accommodation, to ease us into it.

We walked maybe 50 whole metres, then P’s shoelace came undone. J helped do it up, then couldn’t stand Oh look, I’ll just put the photos here:

Suffice to say, us two onlookers were almost hysterical with laughter, and all the other walkers passed us by. Which we were quite happy with, as we wanted to set our own slow pace, and get used to the 15kg backpacks, especially as the track very quickly headed up hill…

We dutifully cleaned our boots to prevent the transmission of diseases into a pristine National Park, then settled into a steady rhythm…

… of stopping every 15 minutes so that one of us could pee- women over 50 with heavy backpacks strapped round their middles hey- who knew!?

We took nearly two hours to reach the first night’s architecturally-designed and built ‘huts’; more on that tomorrow. And along the way, we began to see the first of many, many stunning vistas…

Three Capes Track tasmania australia

Wilderness creativity #tasmania #australia #views


  1. Quite a contrast to the large, well-equipped (mmm, clam chowder) ferry I take to Martha’s Vineyard a few times each summer. Getting queasy just thinking about your sea-buffeted craft.

    Stunning vistas, indeed.

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    • Thanks ShaneO! Such an amazing adventure to share with these old friends- now we’re talking about doing another walk in Japan…


    • I know right!? Did they stay out too late and drink too much champagne? The mind boggles : ) Thank you for your comment and curious mind : )


  2. Wow awesome adventure…I would have been screwed at the boat ride but I usually ALWAYS carry dramamime with me where ever I go

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  3. Awesome stuff! My heart is beating a bit faster with sweet memories of home.
    PS- Never take a Catamaran, ever. I was the only person who managed to hold onto my lunch… of hundreds on one crossing from Italy to Croatia… blech!

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  4. The ability among women to pee standing up in the Aussie bush can never be underestimated! 😀 … or conversely, to do the quickest squat on record!

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    • We talked about that, but had so many layers on, plus heavy packs- it all became a bit of a song & dance just to get it done. Plus one poor woman had her period 🙁😫


  5. gigglingfattie says

    Adventure!! HOO RAH! I’m glad you survived your trip G and I am loving these pictures!! ❤

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  6. Oh Gabrielle I so loved this post – it was enjoyable to read! What an adventure. 🙂 I laughed aloud at the part with peeing every 15 minutes with 3 women with backpacks. So glad you made it back safe and sound. The vista shot is amazing. Blessings and love, Debbie xo
    ps – make a good greens or berry drink maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I made you laugh Debbie! We are in recovery mode now- just had a massage and need an early night or three. No smoothies till I get home next week sadly…

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  7. S_MW says

    This is wonderful. It looks beautiful too…and I felt like I was right there with you (especially on the hour long boat trip). You weren’t TOO seasick! X

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