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How to sleep (or not sleep) with a man in a cabin in the Tasmanian wilderness

Ready to put this pack down thank you

I’ve had enough #threecapestrack #tasmania #hikingadventure #over50

So we took nearly 2 hours to walk 4.5kms on the first day of the Three Capes Track because we kept stopping to pee and/or take photos. Finally we arrived though, and here’s G49 (the birthday girl) perfecting her “Please-stop-taking-more-photos-for-your-blog” pose.

The ‘huts’ were fantastic: built less than 2 years ago, all timber and colorbond (very typical Australian architecture), with stunning views, and well-equipped stainless steel kitchens (no fridges, plus you must bring all your own meals, and take out all your rubbish). Yoga mats and a foam roller were also provided, plus a pile of boardgames and packs of cards.

But the best thing of course, was walking around without your pack! 

We were welcomed and briefed by the ranger, who gave us a history of the site, the latest weather update, and an orientation re the next day’s walking (11kms). It all felt super organised and well-designed.

A wooden room for sleeping in the wilderness

National Parks sleeping quarters #tasmania #threecapestrack #australia #ecocabin

Except for the sleeping arrangements. You see, up to 48 people can book to walk the track at one time, and the rangers assign the same numbered room to each group, for each of the three nights. Here’s ours. Looks alright hey? UNLESS the guy in the room next door snores like a demon from 9pm onwards, in which case it is the door to Hell.

Yes, that’s right folks: I’m a light sleeper, and despite the fancy memory-foam mattresses in our 4-bunk room, the walls were thin wood panels, with open mesh at the top, directly linking us to the next cabin.

Wherein dwelt the Snorer King, and his minions, two of whom also snuffled and honked.

10pm. 11pm. Midnight. Still awake, and gnashing my teeth. Shoved my earphones in to listen to my Relax Meditation app… 1am still awake, and ready to kill. 2am, almost in tears; finally I dropped off about 2.45… and got woken up at 7.30 as we had to set off soon.

Ready to walk across Tasmania

Selfie- cheered up after breakfast #threecapestrack #australia #tasmania #hiking

I soon cheered up after breakfast though, ‘cos basically I had to right, and we did a yoga/Pilates warm up in the gentle morning sun before hoisting our even-heavier packs and setting off- we each had to carry 2 litres of water now for the journey. Water is heavy. Who knew??

Day 2 was gorgeous, and despite none of us having slept well, we had an incredible day.

We found a rare native orchid, so tiny it was hard to focus on it (end of my stick for size reference). We saw a wallaby, laughed and sang, puffed and panted, plus peed a lot of course.

It was incredible to know we were walking further and further away from civilisation, and to see such pristine landscapes. What a fantastic way to celebrate turning 50 in a few days, and a unique adventure for four old friends.

Then we came round the corner, and saw this… more in next post…

Don't get too close to the edge

Warning sign re cliff edges #threecapestrack #tasmania #australia #wildernesshike

But here’s a taster, love G xO

Stunning wilderness sights in Australia

What a view #tasmania #threecapestrack #australia #cliffs #summer


  1. No matter how well one prepares, there are surprises. Earplugs are helpful when traveling, for just such a contingency. Had the same problem on my NZ trek. No snorers in my room, but just adjacent…. Oh my!

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  2. Looks fantastic. Makes me want to get out there in the mountains. I’ll have to work up to the trekking but I know it’ll be worth it. Especially now that I just got bionic eyes (second cataract removed) the word is looking wonderful. Thank you for sharing yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jean- how great your eyes are getting fixed, and yes, get out there into the hike! Feels so good to feel your body, and Nature beneath your feet. Forget the 15kg backpack though!! 😏

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  3. Looks stunning and I so know what you mean about those cabins and snorers! They should be banned!! I once stayed at a very similar cabin in Kuranda QLD and two women head to head with me with a thin papery-wood wall between us snored like tractors the WHOLE night! Even if I’d had ear plugs it would have disturbed me. I was not impressed and asked to be moved the next day, since I was there for 5 nights and paying a fortune!

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  4. My wife used to experience that with me many nights…she will be happy to empathize.

    And then I had sinus surgery.

    The first time my otolaryngologist looked up my nostrils, he let out a soft involuntary “oh my.”

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  5. Beautiful scenery but I’m glad it’s you and not me. Can’t do without my sleep . I’d grab the nearest pot or saucepan and clonk the snorer on the head 😂

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  6. -grin- I’m enjoying this second-hand travelling. How’s your dried food? I’m curious to know how it tastes once it’s reconstituted.

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  7. Joanna says

    I fessed up to being a snorer and was allowed to lug my mattress into a cabin. Slept very well! Warm and lights to read by!

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