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Let these pictures paint a thousand words

Tasmania, I love you. And so do my three friends.

You are wild, fresh, magnificent, and pretty much pristine.

Your vistas are incredible, but oh boy do your boardwalks and ascents make big demands on calf muscles and over 50 bodies.

Your lunch views suck, but we dealt with it.

We're on the road to nowhere #tasmania #threecapestrack #wilderness #lunchbreak

Another hard day at the office #tasmania #threecapestrack #walking #over50adventures

Our 15kg packs felt heavier and heavier as the day progressed, yet your beauty compelled us on. Plus there was nowhere else to go but forward anyway, so I tried to focus on the big picture, and small details too, like moss, or wombat poo (they only do it every 16 days, and it’s kinda cubed).

Then we saw you, rising out of the bush like an oasis: Hut Two. We’d made the 11kms of Day Two of the Three Capes Track!

Another day, another architecturally designed complex, including a viewing platform with telescope (but still no fridges or hot showers). There was a cold shower, but I’d rather stay grubby (or use a quick body wipe). The sunset skies were stunning. And good news: the horrific snorer from last night seemed to have moved along a cabin, hallelujah!

We stretched and rolled our exhausted bodies while the dinners rehydrated, then I basked in everyone’s Food Envy of my yummy, homemade organic meal vs their expensive, flavourless, chemical-filled cat food lookalikes. My frenzy paid off.

Self care means eating well over 50 and rehydrating my dinner like a Michelin star chef on a hiking adventure in Australia

Rehydrating my dinner like a Michelin star chef #threecapestrack #tasmania #goodfood #organic #healthy #dehydratedmeals

And in the morning? A helicopter flew in to remove the ‘sputniks’ (as the ranger called them) which sat below the best compost toilets I’ve ever seen/used/smelt.

We slept OK. Day Three was another big walk, but for the start of it we packed a day pack, and left our big bags stashed in a garden shed, firmly closed against smart crows who apparently are evolving in Australia to be able to open zips.

Hiking for wellbeing and a 50th celebration #threecapestrack #tasmania #sunprotection #selfcare

Hiking for wellbeing and a 50th celebration #threecapestrack #tasmania #sunprotection #selfcare

Little did we know that wasn’t going to be our only wildlife encounter that day… but more in the next post…

Love G: sweaty, smelly, salty, a bit greasy, but very proud of herself and her friends xO 



  1. Where else could I learn that wombats only poop every two weeks and the poop is cubed? I love how much I learn from blogs—and now I want to visit Tasmania. It looks like a wonderful trip—great photos! I’m seriously going to think about how I can casually drop my new wombat factoids into casual conversation. Thanks, G!

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    • Haha, that’s great Donna! We did wonder if they sat around in groups patting them into shape with their little paws… because otherwise it means their bums must be square right??

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  2. Wombat poo – I reckon if they hold it in that long then they’re going go for the most space-saving shape … glad the snorer moved along. 🙂

    Funny story about wombat poo – Coco the Community Cat’s person came back fro Tassie recently with a variety of treasures which she brought out at Coco’s appreciation party … one of which was a little tupperware container with wombat poo in it, and asked me, as our street’s resident expert on all things Australian, why it was the shape it was. Unfortunately, me being a bit deaf and the music at the party loud, I didn’t actually hear the question and thought she was offering me some sort of strange looking hors d’oeuvre!
    Thankfully Mrs Widds intervened before I embarked on an adventure from which there is no return! 😀

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    • Thanks Diana- it was so stunning, and more to come. A few days later we went on a [very very short] walk, and I saw Cape Raoul in the distance OMG what an incredible place is Tasmania- it must have been hard to leave that natural beauty? My friends are all talking about moving down there to live!

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      • Looking forward to the next instalment 😌
        Oh Cape Raoul ❤️ *swoon*
        I could only leave one breathtaking part of the world for another… Vancouver is Tassie on steroids lol.
        I can totally understand your friends wanting to relocate… but, shhh, let’s not let too many in on the secret of Tassie….

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        • That’s funny: when we were walking, I kept saying ‘This reminds me of British Columbia so much- the islands up from Victoria”; I lived in Victoria for 6 months many years ago, so explored all the way up the island… very equal in beauty yes

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          • Oh did you! How lovely, so you can truly relate. I was just on a ferry traversing those very Island passages last weekend. I’ve been here 18 years and I never stop gasping at the views. Daily. 😍

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    • Hi Jessica, thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you appreciate my support of your blog, which is awesome itself : )

      I feel a little too swamped at the moment with my own real life to try a collaboration, but I’m honoured you asked, and maybe when things calm down I will email you… Thank you for the suggestion though!

      In writing support, G xO

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  3. Awesome views. Oh how wonderful that you were the envy of the camp with your food, I bet the smells were enough to cause mouths watering from afar!!

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    • Great- I’m trying to edit down the photos for the final post now- I had 144 and decided that that was a bit too many (like a forced parental vacation slide show from a 70s nightmare…)

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