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Happy International Women’s Day, hell yeah!

Grateful for my Mum who taught me to be a Feminist

Me and Mum, my first teacher, and my first Feminist #InternationalWomen’sDay #IWD #feminist #Mum #proud #grateful #love #women

Happy International Women’s Day. From the African woman who goes without food so her child can eat; from the Syrian refugee who puts her baby on a boat to a better life; from the lawyer or politician who advocates for equal rights; from the stay-at-home Mum gaining pleasure from the school run; from the wheel-chair user; from the butch/tomboy lesbian who wants no kids but to fix cars instead; from the Artist, the sex worker, the cleaner, the chef, the corporate Queen, the cashier: WOMEN ARE AMAZING.

Happy International Women’s Day, and won’t it be a great fucken day when we no longer have to have this day, because we have Equality?

I honour and celebrate EVERY WOMAN EVERY WHERE DOING WHATEVER SHE WANTS/NEEDS TO BE HERSELF, TO SURVIVE AND HOPEFULLY THRIVE, and to my dear old Mum, my first experience of Woman, who absolutely taught me to be a Feminist, first and foremost. I truly think that’s her greatest gift to me, and I have passed it on to my son, which I believe is my greatest achievement in raising him.

Women: I LOVE YOU ALL, today and every dayΒ 


  1. This is amazing πŸ™‚ A beautiful message.
    Even I recently posted a blog named ‘Lets Take a Step Forward’ for women’s day. Please do check it out !!

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    • Thank you for commenting and I’m glad my post worked for you 😊 I will try to swing by your blog tomorrow πŸ‘πŸΌ G


  2. It’s completely mental that there needs to be a specifically designated day to acknowledge women and their accomplishments. Lest such things be forgotten? Sigh.

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  4. Hear hear (which I appropriately mistyped “Hear her”)!

    I was raised primarily by a group of independent, strong-willed women…then I married one and am raising two.

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  5. S_MW says

    Sorry for completely missing this blog (I blame whatever oceans, time zones and moon cycles that separate us). I love the look of your mom. Xx

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  6. The greatest gift we can give future generations is the gift of education – especially on the issue of equality for all. I took the day to inform and educate my own child, making sure that he’s aware of the issues facing the girls in his class, and the women and girls around the world.

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