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“Women are going to run the world within 5 years,” she said. Who am I to argue? Amplify Her.


Proud to support the new wave of women in power

Amplify Her #women #power #feminism #over50 @boneAndsilver

Remember the 5Rhythms dance weekend I went to at the start of May? Two of the other participants were women just turning 30; during a pairs’ exercise with one of them, I expressed my fury at the state of our world, and the dumb old white men who were still in charge and ruining it for all of us, especially the children (obviously I’m not always a light-hearted workshop participant with cold ears).

She just fixed me with a look of complete clarity and certainty, then gave me the title for this blog post.

I stared back at her, faced with the pure strength of her vision, and the commitment to back it up: she was just offered a PhD scholarship on international health issues for women, and recently returned from a year in Cambodia, working with child sex trafficking agencies.

I saw myself in her mirror: an over-50s proud Feminist yes, but a jaded idealist, getting tired and cynical now as the world totters closer to environmental disaster… with Trump pushing the Doomsday Clock up two minutes to midnight.

I stood in the light beam of her fierce, quietly-determined, positive belief, and I shattered. Who am I to deny her that future? Who am I to question her power? No way!

Then last night I went to see electronic dance movie Amplify Her from 2017. Here’s the trailer:

Amplify Her

You gotta click the link. If you’re over 40, male/female/non-specified, and remotely interested in music and/or the future of our world, you really should see the whole film.

Just like social movements such as #metoo, #TIMESUP, #thefutureisfemale, #guncontrol, and #NeverAgain, by those incredible USA teenagers, (none of which I could have predicted emerging when I was 30), there is a HUGE swell of new, female-honouring energy building, and we oldies need to dive deep and saturate ourselves in it, so that we’re not accidentally perpetuating the status quo.

Amplify her poster showing the rise of the female

#AmplifyHer #Canada #EDM #women

This ’emerging cultural renaissance of the feminine’ serves good men who are fighting off toxic masculinity as well of course; I’m not man-bashing; I have a wonderful son, male friends like brothers, and numerous male readers who are sensitive, loving humans. Those old men like Trump though, well, they can shrivel up and die like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always maintained that Trump must be the final death rattle of the Patriarchy, representing the evil shadow climax of the worst of it, before the dawn of the new… Justin Trudeau, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern… and this earnest, smart, fresh-faced young woman standing in front of me in sweaty dance clothes, claiming her rightful space in the world, and stepping up to change it for the better.

Not to mention the millions dancing up a storm to female electronic music artists (or ‘DJs’, to old people like you & me) such as Blondtron, Wala, Lux Moderna, and AppleCat, who are featured in the movie.

In gratitude and amazement for these youngsters; they really ARE the future, G xO 


  1. I agree with her. As ghastly as Trump is, I think he just may be propelling the world forward because people are getting angry… and it’s about fucking time!

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  2. I love the thought that Trump is “the final death rattle of the Patriarchy.” And love even more the idea that women will be running the world in five years (’bout time!). My only fear is that old-death-rattler will bring about world destruction before that. Thanks for an encouraging and inspiring post.

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    • Awesome Donna, I’m glad this post felt encouraging for you; it IS easy to feel defeated in the face of Trump’s dangerous awfulness, but this young woman’s positivity was so inspiring I had to pass it on…

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  3. I think the West is becoming more and more redundant. China doesn’t give a shit about anything, and is going to surpass us all soon. So let’s hope they have a bit more of an idea on what to do with our world…

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  4. gigglingfattie says

    I want to believe her and see women emerging in positions of power every day. But I’m not sure I can see it in just 5 years. I’d really like to! But the skeptic in me says it will be longer than that. I’d love for the world to prove me wrong though!

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      • gigglingfattie says

        I know! And its completely baffling as to why, isn’t it?! Gah! Sometimes the limitations put on certain sections of our society are the most arbitrary and have no justification. Its complete insanity.

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  5. When we were young we thought it’d happen in five years, ten at the outside too. (I’m sure the suffragettes and the Rosie-the-Riveters did too) I hope your young friend is right, because I don’t know how much longer we, and the world, can carry the brutality of the patriarchy.

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    • I know Widds, I thought and think exactly the same. I can’t f*cken believe we are all still weighed down by the environmental and emotional disaster that is the patriarchy & capitalism… still marching for equal rights and abortions and to be safe at night and in our own homes. The weight of it all numbs me sometimes, and yet this young woman burnt me with her radiant, sure light, and I chose just to bask in it, and be positive.
      *sighs 🌈🙏🏼

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  6. I’ve recently had a wonderfully refreshing vacation with a delightful sub 30 yo. I left my world weary self at home and we didn’t talk politics … basically off grid as far as current affairs go.
    I haven’t watched the news for a year. Is the asshole still in power? Hmm.
    Just give me politicians with an ounce of empathy for ALL humanity, our animal friends and the planet and I will emerge ….. ❤️ to you from the land of Justin!

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  7. Excellent post, once again. Have I mentioned lately that I greatly admire your spirit and intentions? Because if I haven’t, I’ve been a very bad boy… 😉

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    • Gee, thanks Brian, that’s so lovely to hear! And I think you’re probably pretty good at being a bad boy, but it does feel good here in Oz to be appreciated by you : ) x

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  8. Its Her Journey says

    So in love with this article! The more men embrace femininity, the more beautiful our world will become. It’s so important to get posts like this out there! Thank you so much for sharing!!! #thefutureisfeminine ❤✌

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