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No beanie? No problem!

Got up super early. Went for a walk. Powered up and down then back up the hill. Felt hot and sweaty apart from my cute little ears. Came back home, realized I’d lost my beanie (woolen hat), and those precious ears were aching… so got creative with my sleep mask:

Am I an idiot? Possibly. But one with warm ears, that’s for sure 😊

Do you think this could catch on? Have I got a viral chance?? And what have you ever adapted to meet an urgent need?

Have a fab weekend everyone, G xO


  1. Love it!
    So, once I accidentally locked myself and my dog out of the house in the winter ❄️. No gloves, so I took off my socks and used them for gloves until someone came and unlocked the door for us about 40 minutes later. πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Well here’s my creative take! I chopped off the bottom of 2 long midi skirts that used to drag on the damn ground (stretchy cotton fabric) and made 2 headbands! Well, they are 10 inch circles of fabric twice looped around my head – bonus is they match my new shorter skirts!

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