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Happy New Year, & what am I gonna do about Social Media since going to Nepal?


Nothing like a microfibre towel to cheer you up #Xmas #Australia #towel #gift

Hi darling Readers- it’s been so long I know… I hope you all survived/thrived during the silly season, and have come out the other side ready for a delightful 2019?

I gotta confess: I hate Xmas. I can feel the collective stress rising in the air; I know lots of people love getting together, but an equal number of folk find it a very depressing, lonely, combative, irritating, or just all-round emotionally triggering time, not to mention the intense social pressure to spend money we don’t have on crap we don’t need.

Having said that, this year I had a fab time! Mainly because it was low key, with almost no gifts (see photo), and a mainly vegetarian feast for Xmas Eve & Xmas Day- don’t forget it’s hot down here in Oz, so we go for outdoor garden settings & lots of salads. How cute does our Xmas table look, in my Aunt’s courtyard? And underneath that mound of pomegranate seeds and parsley front centre of photo is a layer of yoghurt and tahini basted over an oven-roasted salmon, FYI.

I accepted one present (from The Comet), and enjoyed the inherent ‘cool’ factor which came with it, even while still modelling my microfibre head towel. And check out those arty shafts of summer sunlight.


Do I look like Tom Cruise?Β  #black&white #aviators #headtowel #cool

My son ‘18.5’ graced us with his presence on Boxing Day- it’s always tricky sharing custody between various extended/blended families isn’t it- & my wonderfully quirky family filled me up with love, laughs, great food, no fights, and many hugs.

Can’t ask for more.

Sydney herself turned on the charm, and wasn’t too hot, or sultry, or stormy (there were major hailstorms only 3 days before which left a few families celebrating under blue tarped roofs).

But now what to do with my blog in 2019? That trip to Nepal has dimmed the seductive light of social media for me, and I’m finding screen time less appealing. Or maybe I just need to be more discerning about it?

My favourite Aunty in Sydney has a great saying and uses it frequently, which her daughter found cut into wood in a gallery somewhere so brought it home; I probably need to take her advice. We took these photos on Xmas Day, as I was lamenting my lack of blogging, and the evil reach of the internet:

“You can’t solve all the world’s problems G, get a grip. Relax. Just do you.” [Note: she copied that last bit from our gorgeous young (20-something) family members who use those 3 words as an answer to everything, and rightly so.]

So I will soon upload another post about Nepal, because I really do have stunning photos of the trek up the Tsum Valley. I will try my best to blog once a week; I think that’s my new realistic rhythm for this year, no more, no less. Since being on WordPress less, I’ve read 4 massive books, and that feels good; I miss so many of my fellow bloggers’ news, but I’m going to just read one post a week from each of you, so we stay connected, albeit not every day.

The sweat, dust, silence, and rivers of the Nepalese mountains just made me want to be more still, more simple; until it wears off (if and when it ever does), I have to follow that call. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you all, spread far and wide across our globe. May we all choose kindness & understanding as much as possible, and get a grip when we need to.


#truth #youdoyou #advice #over50

In gratitude for Quiet, Family, and nut loaf, G xOΒ 


  1. gigglingfattie says

    Glad to read from you again! I hope you continue to find the balance and joy in life, G! Even if that means *tries to hold back the tears* you decide not to post πŸ₯°

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  2. Love the get a grip and I missed you. As my 3 months away demonstrate, things change and we need time away. If once a week makes you happier, go for it. Do you, G! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

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    • Thank you DFM- you’re all very sweet round here- yes, a little space is important hey? Thank you for your understanding & support 😊 And for reminding me to take my own advice 😎

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  3. Two fine sayings: Get a Grip and Just Do YOU! Thanks. Glad to hear a bit from you, G. Like you, I’ve been considerably less present on WP. Not missing the time, but missing the people and connection. Funny old tightrope. Cheers to you!

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    • Glad you like them Steph 😊
      Yes I’d noticed you were around less; in fact, I’ve noticed a few of us are less active… maybe we are onto something? Nice to keep the delicate connections though πŸ™πŸΌ I hope you’re well, G 😊

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  4. I seem, unfortunately, to have misread your Aunt’s advice and am now acquiring the “grippe,” (OK, not really, I am just on the outer fringes of a cold).

    Happy New Year to you as well!

    The nice thing (pour moi) about Christmas in our household is that a) I mostly sit back and watch the children enjoy their frenzy, b) I was not raised with it, so it has still feels novel, c) Nell loves to shop online, so I leave most of that to her and d) it is also a friend’s birthday, so we celebrate the two together. Said friend and her husband have become family “we choose.”

    There is still a lot of less-than-useful stuff floating around–though it felt less less-than-useful this year.

    Circling back–I intend to take your family’s condensed advice and buy a carpetbag…I mean, get a grip.

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  5. I’m with you about many things in this post, especially the ridiculousness of Christmas and not forcing blogging if it doesn’t feel right. You need to find your groove in the new post-Nepal you πŸ˜‰ Whatever the frequency I look forward to keeping in touch. As you know I am finding the new blogging me, post-relationship as well!

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    • Thanks Eve; it’s kinda weird isn’t it, finding a new blogging tempo; like looking for a new pair of slippers all of a sudden! I haven’t read any of your posts lately, I’m sorry… but you’re top of my Catch Up list xx Happy New Year & Love to you xx

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  6. Are you going to put up more posts on your Nepalese trek? I would love to know how it went and read about that valley. Sometimes treks go pear shaped and that is ok. I know our first trek didn’t work out like we had hoped but we returned a couple of years later because it felt like unfished business. And then we went back. Again. Louise

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  7. Happy New Year to you! Would love to see more about your trip. The beauty of this whole thing is it allows different strokes for different folks. It should never be a chore or obligation. I always look forward to seeing you here, knowing it’ll be as and when you fancy. Hope you continue to Be You and wish you all good things, experiences and adventures for 2019 πŸ˜‰

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  8. zlotybaby says

    I left Facebook last year because I just feel there’s more valuable stuff to do… blogging is important though but it’s difficult to blog and chat with your readers and read blogs and comment on them and have time for everything else. You’re one of the very few blogs left in my feed. There’s just not enough time in life for everything and one must prioritize!

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