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The Enthusiast! Enneagram 7 Guest Post

I love the insights I’ve gained from studying the Enneagram, and here is a Guest post I did which I hope you’ll check out 🙂

unfiltered from the heart

This is a guest post from G of bone&silver, who shares her experiences of discovering her Enneagram as a 7, which is described as the Enthusiast by the Enneagram Institute. If you would like to share your experiences with self-discovery through the Enneagram, please message me through gmail at “Tiffanybeingfree.”

Thank you, G, for sharing with us your journey as a 7!!!



‘Do you know what Enneagram number you are?,’ I was asked. ‘Because I’m an Eight, and if you’re going to date me, you need to know what you’re dealing with, so take this book home today.’

Thus began my in-depth exploration of the Enneagram, which firstly saw me read the chapter about Eights and think ‘Phew, they’re a bit intense, I’m glad I’m not one of those.’

I skimmed through a few other numbers, got a bit bored, then asked a smart friend who used…

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A silver fox hot [flush] queer Mama who just met 54


    • Haha, I just love finding out people’s numbers, it’s fascinating 🙂 I am such an Enthusiast… which is often followed by a loss of interest… I admire Five’s diligence and attention to detail 🙂


  1. Wow, I’m intrigued now and have never heard about this. How very cool. It reminds me of a class I once took about the different leaders. Recognizing their personal traits and how some are cheerleaders and others prefer to be more quiet. It was eye opening.

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    • No I haven’t- the Enneagram just grabbed me so fully.

      I have several friends who are Nines: deciding features include being happy to lie down & do nothing for most of the day, plus not liking disagreements- do they sound like you?

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      • Not liking disagreements, yes… lying down all day? Not exactly! Though I do need to build in daydreaming time, meditation time, and do-not-much-of-anything time into each day!

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        • yes, you sound like a 9… 🙂 [Daydreaming, meditating, and do-not-much-of-anything time often happen lying down or reclining… the need for that quiet time is essential, however you sit/stand/lie for it] 🙂

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  2. Ha ha, Gabrielle, this is great! I can totally see you as a 7. I’m a 2, with a 3 and 7 close runners up. 🙂

    I studied the Enneagram a bit with Robert Holden in a coaching school I was in. Fascinating, isn’t it?
    Blessings to you. Lovely to reconnect.

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    • That’s interesting: I have quite a few 2’s in my world, with a 3 Wing so they are slightly achievement/goal orientated: sounds like you 😊💪🏼
      Have a fab week, G xO

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      • Yes! Wow no kidding. Maybe we’ll end up meeting some time. BTW I know a number of people in Melbourne. They do cool spiritual gatherings, and I visited a # of years ago. Blessings Gabrielle!

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      • It seems I’m a walking contradiction. 😂😂😂 I’m mostly a 2 (and I really don’t see me like that) but also high on 3, 8, 1 and 9 on one test.
        A second type of test also gave me a highest 2 and high 6, 7, 8 and 3! I’m a mess! 🙈

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        • Ok, that’s interesting- it can be a challenge to admit the truth of your number- Sevens are often described as superficial and/or scattered, which I wouldn’t immediately identify with… and yet, I AM comfortable being gossipy, & slightly lazy/unfocused, so yes, I had to admit that in my more ‘negative’ aspects, I actually AM those things! Which is what helped me find the truth. Because a Seven at their best is positive, generous, & brings the gift of Joy to many: this is absolutely true of me 😊🙏🏼😍
          Twos value community, & being needed; Threes like Achievements, & can be a bit aloof; Nines are pretty laid back, while Eights are the pushy, feisty, won’t-take-No-for-an-answer leaders- any one of those resonate? Reading a good book will help you; you could be a Two with a Three Wing…
          You’re obviously a complex character, but everyone can find their number eventually 🌈❤

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          • The problem is I do see myself everywhere. 😂 I have a lot of two, for sure. At work, I can definitely be an eight when I have to be, which is often. Because of that, I tend to switch off at home (this caused plenty of arguments with BH). I adapt and I am fluid. You’re right: complex indeed! ❤️❤️❤️

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          • A Two with a Three wing would be very assertive & achievement orientated, while still caring about their community; an Eight is quite ruthless, & can trample people (which a Two would never do)


  3. thetaleofanunlikelywarrior says

    Wowowowow, great post! I just did the test and it looks like I’m mainly a 6 with 2 and 4 coming in close behind! 🙂

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