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Want a ‘deep transformation of character’? Sit down & breathe

Glasses, books and meditating are good for me now that I'm over 50

Always trying to learn and improve my wellbeing

During the one hour ‘Blog Mentoring’ session I paid $250 for 3 years ago, I was told I had to find my ‘niche’, and write to it [with all the appropriate hashtags/images/Facebook groups aligned etc etc.]

The ‘niche’ hunt continues. Last week I wrote about bushfires; 6 weeks ago it was a shortlisted Short Story, and next month it will be about a wilderness walk in Tasmania, similar to my Kakadu one (but hopefully without the drama).

We can make space for wise action, wise speech, wise livelihood

Choose kindness. Take a breath. Choose softness #DalaiLama #gratitude #wisdom #empathy @boneAndsilver

Would I be doing better with a timetable of topics, and a calendar? Maybe. Define ‘better’ though? I’m happy, I’m having fun, I feel connected and supported, I enjoy my blogging; there’s my motivation.

And big credit has to go to my increased Meditation practice. It’s not daily [yet], but definitely at least three times a week. Plus one glorious Sunday a month, when I get to sit in a circle with amazing women from all walks of life, and meditate pretty much all day 9.30-3, except for a gloriously chatty lunch hour.

Even the 30 minute morning tea is in silence, as we pay mindful attention to the act of making & drinking tea, including eating homemade orange almond slices or carob bites.

As you can imagine, when lunch is announced, we shoot onto the verandah like hens being let out of their coop in the morning!

Our esteemed facilitator Yoda Carol was away last weekend, so the session flowed differently, but here are the essentials I decanted:

  • Meditation is a gift to ourselves- sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, with lots of tedious moments in between [see my funny post re mind chatter HERE]
  • Usually, we create a virtual world of our experiences and expectations- it becomes a train we travel on before we even realize we are on board
  • By bringing mindfulness of breathing and body sensations to our practice, a “deep transformation of character” becomes available [almost everyone in the room nodded in agreement to this one]
  • Meditation is like fasting for the mind- to slim it and slow it- to be able to choose complete, deliberate rest

“When the mind is quiet, heaven and earth lie open in complete abundance”

Being mindful is good for our wellbeing and mental health over 50

Every act can be a meditation, including sewing or washing dishes. Just Be There, doing what you’re doing #mindfulness #gratitude #wellbeing #joy

Whatever style you practice (and there are many), essentially all meditation is bathing in silence: what emerges is Gratitude, Reverence, and Love.

Try it soon.

There are a million tutorials on YouTube, and articles to research… or you could just sit down, turn your phone off, set the timer for 20 minutes, then just breathe… Here’s a hint: its power triples when you do it with others. Could you find a group?

Good luck! Tell me how you went: it has helped with my anxiety, self-esteem, my inner critic, all relationships including with my lover, and just generalised wellbeing.

Now who doesn’t want more of that, especially if you’re doing the menopause?

In gratitude for the privilege of just sitting and breathing, G xO



  1. debscarey says

    I take my hat off to you meditating for those long sessions at the weekend.I haven’t managed to make my practice daily either, but I do find it enormously helpful in maintaining equilibrium to find time even for a 5-10 minute practice. I currently do it before going to sleep at night, but find it does carry over into the next day. Now I just need to get into the habit of starting the day that way for maximum benefit. Lovely post 🙂

    As for finding your niche – I think your decision is spot on. I’m still working at finding mine for my professional practice (life coaching) but that’s necessary for marketing. With my personal blog, I’m happy touching on subjects that interest me – whatever they may be.

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    • Thanks so much Deb- the time meditating with the other women seems to fly by- all those brains doing the same thing seems to keep me down there in ‘the zone’- it’s extraordinary. Good on you for your practice 👍🏿

      And yes, glad you find the same urge to write about whatever is happening, rather than ‘strategize’ the whole thing 😏


  2. The irony is that we bloggers are /found/ by our ‘niche’, not the other way around. The niche are our kindred spirits. They come because we write from the heart and something goes ‘yes!’.
    Never, ever expected to make so many friends. December 2011 and counting. 🙂

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  3. $250 for 1 hour? … I’m waaaay in the wrong business! 😀
    … and just when we think we’ve found our niche, along comes life and we’re travelling in a different direction! 😀
    Love your meditation Practice. 😀

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  4. I am finding yoga nidra and particularly, the alternate nostril breathing that goes with it, super helpful. And I love knowing there’s a group out there finding peace. The more of us that do it, the better the planet will be. I’m sure of it.

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  5. I do a little bit of meditating when I feel inclined. More often they are simply sustained minutes of quiet out in nature in order to center myself again. Good for you! Keep it up!

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