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Attachment Theory

Looking for romance or love? Interested in self- discovery? My blogging & life has been helped so much by reading ‘Attached’, which I recommended to L, and now here she is blogging about it as it applies to her online dating journey in San Francisco.

Back in Stilettos Again

More self-discovery talk ahead, this time with a psychology angle…..

A few weeks ago, fellow blogger Bone & Silver highly recommended a book called Attached about adult attachment science. I finally purchased the book and received it in the mail on Wednesday.

For various reasons, Piano Guy and I had toreschedule Wednesdaynight’s date. Suddenly without plans, I took it as an opportunity to read a large chunk of the book I’d just received in the mail. I’ve read some of it most days since then and am almost finished with it.

Holy shit. Talk about enlightening!

This was a revelation:

You are only needy when your needs aren’t being fulfilled

Why didn’t I realize this on my own?! It makes complete sense. Whenever I’ve felt needy, I’ve berated myself for my needs and have tried to minimize them. You all may remember my post last December about Hayden’s perceived slight…

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