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Driving with teenage son No. 4

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Me: I need something humorous about driving with you for my Blog… Ooh, look at that ‘grey nomad’ old lady over there with her massive brand new shiny RV … mmm, it’s even got a satellite dish… she must be driving round Australia… that’ll be me one day y’know, spending all your inheritance…

Him: Well, that’s certainly not funny.


Learner Drivers in Australia need their Mum



  1. Hi! glad I found you, you had asked why you get a notice about an “invalid security” when you try to comment on my site SOMETIMES. I am no expert, I googled the question, but the flood of info didn’t help me any. So I’m commenting here on your site to see what happens.

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  2. my comment is awaiting moderation, it says. I like your site, by the way, interesting writing and good humor. I have no sure advice, but when you get this comment see if it will let YOU reply. 🙂

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