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Long haul air flights: an utter privilege which sucks

It started so well. Good house/petsitters; efficient packing (roll don’t fold); timely train transport to the airport. The cute gay boy at the check-in counter asks me if I’m staying in Paris? No I’m not.

Since 1980, my favourite Aunt ‘M’ (who lives in Sydney) has owned a 300-yr old barn in the French countryside.


For years, we have all travelled to and from The Barn (Australians are so good with names aren’t they?) in the Dordogne region; Dad first took me there when I was 15, and I took my son there a couple of years ago when he was 15 (we sat there for 2 months, reading/eating/playing badminton LINK HERE & HERE TO OLD STORIES).

Now we’re all gathering again, for my cousin’s 50th celebration weekend July 14-16. She lives in Sydney too, but has been telling us about this party plan for 3 years, supremely organized being that she is; thus approximately 85 people are turning up- mostly from Australia!


But first, I have to get there.

It starts so well, with 8 hours flying Brisbane to Singapore: 3 films, a bit of reading and writing, several power walks up the aisles, then I’m there


I’m meeting Aunt M somewhere in the airport, for our direct flight to Paris, then the superfast TGV train down to a town an hour from the Barn. But the carpet is so bright and confusing I give up trying to find her and lie down


Of course we eventually connect at the Gate; it’s now 2am in our body clocks, and we’re both swaying with exhaustion and hunger.

As soon as we’re onboard, Aunt M is happily snoring, and I’m trying to practice my deep breathing through the ongoing turbulence… it’s not that bad, but enough to keep me nervously on edge… I doze a bit…

13 hours later we arrive


Home->car->train->plane->plane->train->car->Barn. Mission accomplished.

And I’m sleeping in a tent under the trees away from the noisy main party area; my perfect orange Crab Cave.


Now I have 2 days to lick the jetlag/slight nausea/slight swaying effects of the privilege of international flight, and get ready to P A R T Y


Happy Bastille Day too everyone: the French National holiday July 14 to celebrate the storming of the Bastille and the revolution by the people!


  1. Honey, love the story and the pics!! I can so relate! Ive started writing too so if you want to take a squiz thats me (Sal from Friday Pilates) xx Enjoy France and see you in September xxxx

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  2. Bravo!!! Those long flights are killers 🙂 … I had the option of a stopover on my flight from OZ to Canada, but I figured best to get it over in one go. 16 hours in one plane with a 2 hour refueling blip in Hawai’i later I staggered out of Vancouver International looking just about like you in that last photo. 😀

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    • They’re soooooo long aren’t they? My Mum flew out once from England and just said ‘Never again’ at the airport, & never did (once she’d gone home again of course). Don’t even start me on the jetlag…. 😐

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