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Living with teenage son No. 33

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Him: I hate it when you wear your hair in bunches like that.

Me: Deal with it dude [*rolling my eyes].


Me [rushing in from verandah where I’ve been reading quietly]: Oh my god, did you see that? A bird nearly flew into my head!?

Him [without looking up from his book]: I told you, it’s that hairstyle, it makes you a target.



    • Absolutely he does. While outwardly pretending to be cool & fairly uninterested, he also gets a small grin when I say ‘Can I put that on my blog, you’re very funny?!’
      Thanks for reading & commenting- it could be worth searching for other funny things the teenager has said- there’s a bunch of them on here now… they just keep happening… 😘

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  1. turning20web says

    You guys need to listen to us teenager… Even I tell my granny and mom to cut their hairs…they don’t do it too… They love their long hairs after all… But mam it will be the incident to remember… For you and him as well…

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