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“Roses are red/Violets are blue/Online romance update:/I’m so glad that I met you”

Dearest H- I know you love these ‘Cinnamon Sweetie’ buns, dontcha? If I’d met you at a party somewhere, I’d have seen that you too wore a thin but effective layer of protection, like a brown paper bag. I’d have noticed it was fragile, yet also strong.


Fresh this morning from the Farmers Market

I’d have wondered what hid inside.

But now I know. Or rather, I’ve begun to discover.

And thus we continue to unravel each other, past the thin edges, sometimes a bit burnt, or a little brittle.

Circling round, through the spices and sugar, with the odd grain of salt.

Spiralling closer, moving deeper in.

Slowly but surely, just like a Snail likes.


1 more sleep; see you at the airport xx

[The story so far:

  • Met online.Β Emailed and sent comics & stories back and forth for 3 months
  • Texted, but no phone calls (although we did send various selfies)
  • Met outside Flinders St train station in Melbourne, Dec 21
  • Have been flying to see each other approx once a month ever since, for 5-6 days
  • The longest gap has been just over 6 weeks- 45 sleeps. That was hard.
  • ‘Good morning’ & ‘Good night’ texts are pretty daily, plus many in between texts too
  • Sometimes we have romantic Skype dates, where we dress up and flirt
  • We’re both artists, and have our own homes, small businesses, and social networks where we live, 1600kms apart; I also have a 17-year old I need to get through his last year of school.

So for now, this monthly rhythm is how we do it: counting Sleeps.]




  1. turning20web says

    Wow..!! Good to hear that.. We must never lose hope and try to make the things workout.. Finding solutions…and live happily.. 😊

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  2. And you’re an artist? A woman after my own heart! I have many stories that might interest you coming up on my blog but my journey is far less delightful and far more concerning, chaotic and confronting!

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