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Planning with teenage son No. 46

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Me: Remember I’m going to Perth for a week’s work tomorrow, which means you can’t stay home here alone, you gotta go back to Dad’s.

Him: Mum, I’m nearly 18, I can look after myself…

Me: You’re not 18! You only just turned 17; you’re still too young.


Him: I’m 17 and a half actually.

Me: [counting months on my fingers] OK, you’re 17 and 4 months…


Him: Well, in my mind I’m already 30, so what’s your point Mum?



  1. I love your shares- I have the same conversations with my two kids.. and I love to call them when I am out of town and here that they are at my house at 11 pm and not their fathers… sigh.

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    • I’m glad you enjoy them; it’s a double-edged sword isn’t it? I want to not worry about him by knowing he’s safe at his Dad’s place 20 mins up the road, yet it’s also kinda cute that he wants to hang out “in Mum’s bed cos it’s cosy”…


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