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Planning with teenage son No.46 UPDATE

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Did he have a party while I was away, like I worried HERE? I don’t believe he did. (And there was a small search for evidence, I admit).

However, my bedroom door was open (I’d left it closed), and the bed was made (I’d left it stripped to air).

Me: So what happened in my room?

Him: Nothing Mum I swear! I’d never let anyone in there, that’s gross. But I was really tired from the party the night before at ‘B’s’ house, and I wanted a good sleep, so I got into your bed… I slept so well, and it smelt of you too… It was very cosy.

Me *Can’t continue conversation- gone all soft and gooey*



  1. I’m the mom who came home to a very immaculate home at the end of a weekend where I took my daughter, Oona, to an Irish Dance competition up in Maine from NJ. The house was too clean for my liking as my son was home. Then it hit me. I smelled the faintest aroma of cigarettes. And he did admit to having a party. I couldn’t really say that much because I was that daughter that did the same thing when my parents and younger sibs went away. The apple doesn’t all far from the tree. My biggest concern was the cigarettes though. The partying. Fine. As long as everything was as it was before I left. But the cigarettes. No. Just. No.
    Being a mom gets more difficult as the kids get older–but then something happens and it evens out–and you become peers.
    Nice post. I didn’t want to write anything on the group post because I didn’t want to feed into the blog thing. But thank you for your comment.
    I’m glad I found you through that FB group!!!!!!

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    • Thanks Catherine, and thanks for the Follow! I truly believe my boy didn’t have a party, although i noticed there were a number of dishes in the drying rack that he doesn’t usually use… He’s a good son, so far hee hee (I admit I was pretty naughty, but not till I moved out of home at 18). Thanks for sharing : ) xo

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