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Teenage Tuesday: Sharing the bathroom cabinet

A selection of organic face creams and cleansers we use #selfcare #wellbeing #over50 #organicfacecream #australia #facials @boneAndsilver @sanctumskincare #byronbay

Locally-made and sourced organic skincare products I treat myself to #selfcare #wellbeing #over50 #organicfacecream #australia #facials @boneAndsilver #byronbay

Him: Mum, I really need to cleanse and do a facial; my skin feels dirty from all the pollution… [after one week in Sydney]

LATER [having worked his way systematically through a variety of my locally-made, organic skin-care products]

Him: Feel my face now, how soft is it hey? I don’t like the smell of all your creams though; they actually smell of nothing, but in a health food store kinda way



  1. “You’re welcome, kid”, is what he would hear from me, but I fear it would be rather sarcastic–I hide the expensive good organic stuff and keep the other things in the downstairs bathroom.

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  2. hahahaha, just had a very similar conversation with my son. After months of teaching the benefits of a skincare routine to combat teenage acne we have booked an appointment with ‘someone who knows what they are doing’ my creams are too girly!

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