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Day 5: An alternative to the Economic System via an Eco Village

Altar to a new way of learning and living, with wellbeing and the environment paramount

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We need an Intergenerational rebellion! That was the essence of the presentation by Helena Norberg-Hodge, an author, filmmaker, Global Eco Village founder and pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement. Check her out, especially her film The Economics of Happiness (trailer here).

Did you know that under the current economic system of trade agreements, governments can actually be sued by the Multinationals if they bring in any legislation which affects their profit-making capacity?? Countries literally export and import the same product, such as beef in America, and 97% of ‘money’ is made of thin air and run by algorithms.

*shakes her head in disbelief and sadness

Sushi for a healthy lunch, handmade, full of nutrition and care

#Permaculture #ecovillage #Australia #over50blogger #wellbeing #nature #gratitude @boneAndsilver

But WE can BE the change! Despite all the depressing facts and figures she has collated from round the world, Helena remained positive, and upbeat, with a simple yet profound call to change direction from a global economy to a local one.  And shopping locally at the Farmers’ Markets is a gold-star resistance action-  did you know people have TEN TIMES more conversations at the Markets than the supermarket? We also need to:

  • Join the Eco Village movement
  • Support the ‘local food’ movement- buy locally grown
  • Use local financial investment services
  • Join the ‘Slow Food’ movement
  • Celebrate life with creative engagement, not a daily grind

 ~ Connect ~ Resist ~ Renew ~ 

Imagine what you/we could do with our days if we weren’t working 9-5 to pay a mortgage? The creative possibilities were all around me at the retreat centre:

You/we could spend more time in Nature, walking with our families, growing food, meditating, swimming, enjoying our time on this planet together:

We then studied Social Enterprise, after the delicious homemade brown rice vegetarian sushi lunch, which would be an income opportunity on the Eco Village, for the Eco Village (such as a café, a bakery, a Wellness Centre for massage/acupuncture/meditation etc, a pre-fabricated hemp building blocks business, a weekly Open Day, or dance/yoga residential retreats).

The key is “Right Livelihood”, according to Buddhist principles, in that we align ourselves with work that resists the Commodification of Everything, and nurtures a respect of the planet, plus our grandchildren’s children’s children.

boneAndsilver blog 'Day 5'

#Permaculture #ecovillage #Australia #over50blogger #wellbeing #nature #gratitude @boneAndsilver

For me, this Intensive asks us to truly examine what we know is wrong with the World– the super powers of Multinational companies; massive monoculture farming; huge global inequities of access to resources such as clean water and reliable food; Climate Change; lack of uptake of renewable energies (especially here in Australia- WHY IS EVERY ROOF NOT COVERED IN SOLAR PANELS? And yes, I’m shouting again); a growing sense of disconnection, especially among the young, as Youth Suicide rates climb every year…

And then offers the actual, proven, possible, challenging but rewarding possibility to change all that, and live in alignment with the Earth, and a sustainable, regenerative future.

It’s definitely getting my vote so far.

Wild ginger flower in Australia retreat centre eco village intensive

#Permaculture #ecovillage #Australia #over50blogger #wellbeing #nature #gratitude @boneAndsilver

But it’s a long way from the dreaming of it today, to the reality of it in 2-5 years. So we also had a talk by a lawyer with over 40 years experience of litigating with, and establishing the legal parameters of, many ‘intentional communities’/’multiple occupancies’/’community title ventures in Australia. Smart move if you ask me.

More to come tomorrow, if you missed Day One, Day Two, Day Three, or Day Four here.

In gratitude for the simplicity of swimming in a saltwater pool, or the sweet yellow zing of a native red ginger flower, G xO 





  1. Thought-provoking, as always. I will review the earlier posts in this series when I can.

    My uber-reaction is this: I have no objection to capitalism, per se. Humans are social and competitive animals, so a market-based approach to economy is not unreasonable (he hedged).

    *HOWEVER*–what I fundamentally object to (and view as the root of contemporary ills) is the notion of profit as an end in itself, not merely a means to a society-advancing end. I blame the Protestant work ethic, and the Calvinists in particular, for turning the accumulation of wealth itself into the determinant of Divine providence–as though a higher SES means G-d loves you more.


    It is time to return to using profits (ethically obtained) to advance humanity and, you know, stuff.

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    • Well said, and I agree almost completely with your well-expressed and informed view. My objection though is to the ‘Growth’ focus- we simply CANNOT grow infinitely on a finite planet, and are basically doing so at the [literal] expense of so many millions of people… We’re all Ok, because we’re at the top of the pile, but what about everyone else…?

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  2. Coyote from Orion says

    Sounds like a really worthwhile mission. Good knowing what options are out there. Hope this year brings you increasing good fortune

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  3. Good stuff 🙂

    We’ve been battling a ‘sue the government’ ‘trade agreement’ here for a few years now. It’s hard to tell which way it will eventually go.

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  4. Austin Hooe says

    This is an interesting endeavor that clearly has some great benefits at the local level. I’m not entirely sure it could replace international capitalism given the current incentives, but perhaps we can find a way to level the playing field to equalize the negotiation power of locals and multinationals. That could increase autonomy and result in fairer outcomes. Thanks for sharing.

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