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‘Tropical Tuesday’? It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

[While the negotiations with ’17’ re the continuation of ‘Teenage Tuesday’ are ongoing, I thought I could try this one instead…]

That feeling when it’s 10am, already 32 degrees C (90 F), 100% humidity, and you’re cleaning the house energetically for the imminent arrival of your interstate love ‘H’, when you kneel on the floor to vacuum under the bed, and stand back up looking like this:

The glamour of vacuuming under the bed and getting dusty

#notagoodlook #over50 #selfcare #humor



  1. ‘Typical Tuesday’? For the days when it’s not tropical. I have a character in a book who doesn’t believe in Tuesdays and just calls it ‘the hole in the week’ but I can’t see that working as a title.

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