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Teenage Tuesday: A discussion about ‘Teenage Tuesday’ in the car

My teenage son makes me put my thinking cap on, with his philosophy of life on creativity, blogging, and self promotion

A contemplative Mum tries to come to terms with her smart, opinionated teenage son #over50 #blogger #Australia #teenager @boneAndsilver

Me [checking WordPress stats]: Your ‘Teenage Tuesdays’ are without doubt my most popular posts.

Him: That’s great Mum.

Me: People love them- I get so many comments- they think you’re hilarious, they love you!

Him: Wait, who are all these people?

Me [bragging a little I admit]: I’ve got Followers all over America, in Canada, England, Europe in general, Australia too of course… nearly 650 now…

Him: Hold on; I don’t know if I like all those people knowing stuff about me, and the things I say.

Me: But… I… um…

Him: It’s starting to feel like you’re just making notes about me to write on your blog; you’re not valuing sharing the funny moments with me, as they actually happen.

Me: But… I… um…

Him: And what does it say about your creativity Mum? You’re just quoting me. I thought your blog was about your life and viewpoint; surely using me and mine defeats the purpose?

Me: Um…


Him: I don’t think you should do ‘Teenage Tuesdays’ any more, it’s not serving you.



  1. My lot are very vocal about this very thing, so I try never to use their names (I have once or twice). It’s a dilemma for me to be honest. I have gazillions of stories about things they’ve said or done, for sure, and think I should write them down, for myself – incase I end up a dottled old woman who can’t remember a damned thing. Haha. I don’t think my kids read my blog, but often worry that they do (they know everything, but I still don’t like the idea of them reading it).

    You clearly have a good relationship.

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    • We’re open & honest communicators that’s for sure, even if we’re feisty with it. I’ve never used his name, nor shown his face, & he’d never read this blog (I have read a couple of posts I was really proud of out loud to him, but he definitely sees it as ‘Mum’s thing’). A couple of dear friends have pointed out that it is still MY creativity to craft our interactions into these micro blog posts… so I’m gonna stick with that attitude! I enjoy writing about he and I, plus reflecting on both our connection & his individuality, so he won’t stop me… I don’t think! Thank you for adding your experience to the mix, for me to think about; I do appreciate it 🙏🏼❤ G

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  2. It’s a slippery slope. When I write about something on my tweens, whether it’s a fun and amazing piece or an exasperating one, I always re-read it several time to make sure the spin is on ME. But it’s so difficult…when you’re a parent, so much of your identity is tied to the kids! Right?

    They’re often the ones that inspire us to blog, whether it’s because we want to share what makes up happy, or to look for advice in dealing with a situation that is affecting us in various ways…

    I just don’t know. My kids are a big part of what I blog about. They affect me in so many ways; much of what I go through is with them or about them.

    I love your teenage Tuesdays.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly Claudette, and yes, independent woman though I am, my connection with my son IS of course a big part of me, which includes my creativity. I like it that he tries to be bossy… but I doubt I will stop blogging about him- how can I when he’s such a big part of my life? I so appreciate knowing you understand the dilemmas… in Mum solidarity, G : )

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  3. I think you have to work that out between yourselves. I am interested that when I tell my best friend, who is an old-fashioned multiple personality/person with DID about therapybits and their alters on here, they tend to get a little pouty and jealous. I don’t use real names or identities, but in the case of my friend, it seems more jealousy as opposed to worry at having privacy revealed or being alittle possibly made fun of. Maybe borrow another teenager who does funny things and write about them instead…?

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    • That’s a good point Donnalee! He did seem a tiny bit ‘envious’ (although would deny that till he was red in the face I’m sure). He is definitely also proud of me, I know that. I’ll bring it up again with him and see what happens; thanks for your advice : ) G

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  4. Keep him in there would be my vote. He is a significant part of your life. And the snippets seem to be about the two of you. And of course, I could be standing next to him in the supermarket and have absolutely no idea who he was (or is that the problem?).

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    • Lol, that COULD indeed be the problem Steph! No, he’s an Introvert, and I can see where he’s coming from of course; I do feel like I’m always being respectful of him, and yes, I’m trying to reflect on Me as well as Him. We’ll see, but thanks so much for sharing your thoughts x G


  5. You are a Teller of Stories … BoneSon is a part of the story of your Life … he is also 17, and I don’t know about you but at that age I didn’t want anyone in the entire UNIVERSE to know stuff about me. Certainly a bunch of adults I didn’t know.
    They thing is though, this can’t be undone now. He will always wonder if anything he says is going to go out into the interwebz, even if unconsciously.
    Maybe work out some boundaries of what he’s comfortable with and what he isn’t, and both of you have a commitment to revisiting regularly.

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  6. Teens these days. They think they are worldly and wise. My lot is as vocal as they could get . I told them I wanted perfect kids and all I got was smart arse one. My oldest turned around and told me that’s a double edged sword mum 😩

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  7. Yeah… and this is the young man who’s got the old-style phone so he can go off-grid! Yay! He’s a privacy warrior! LOL! (Don’t tell him I love him and I think about his Waldenesque ways often!)

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    • He IS definitely an Introvert, albeit an articulate and funny one when he’s in the mood; he’s always had a strong sense of himself, so I think he just enjoys flexing his ‘privacy’ muscles now and again. Or at least I’m hoping so ; ) Thanks for your enthusiasm Cathy xO G

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    • Yes, I know, you’re so right Violet, and I did reflect on it hard before I wrote the post. I’m going to talk about it with him more of course, and let him know some of what people have said here; of course, if he insists I stop, I will stop. I loved your story about your son & car though, so I’m glad you chose to share that x


      • ja. i asked him if I could write it and he said okay whereas usually he says no. but he refused to read it. i don’t mind that, given the other stuff i write about, which i also have to be really careful about with kids etc. except mine are grown up and i think quite understanding. i think we can write about our children, of course, as long it’s with discretion etc. (your writing is great and i am quite sure your son is proud!)

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  8. Hahaha I get this all the time! ‘You’re not putting that in your blog are you??’ Mine won’t let me take photos of them anyway but if I plead they sometimes give in ON THE CONDITION IT DOES NOT GO IN THE BLOG! Funny teens. I asked them questions once which was a great post and I plan to erase/revamp the questions in the Spring. I did smile when I read this!

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  9. He is a very important part of your life, so he is very relevant. Tell him we love him and beg you to carry on Teenage Tuesdays! At least I am begging!

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  10. I hope they continue but if they do not I am sure your readers will understand…wait perhaps you can tell him since he does not want to write about the real stuff you can make up some stories about him each week 😛

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  11. Hehe, you might taunt him by starting up “Terrier Tuesdays” where you adopt a cute rescue pup whom you obsess over 😉 Although from my experience terriers have fierce attitude also, so maybe a poodle?

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    • I just casually mentioned this suggestion to him as we ate dinner… ‘That’s a crap idea Mum’. Sorry Diana: he’s a tough cookie!


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