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Random/Reblog Thursday: I stand with her #guncontrol

America has just had its 29th mass shooting this year. There have been 45 days so far in 2018. What the hell are you all doing over there? This is a great and visceral response to it which I had to share, and stand beside her in her distress. Please visit.

In gratitude for gun control in Australia, G xO 

I try to write carefully on this blog. I try to be thoughtful, to be careful of what I say and how I say it. I try not to be awful. But I have learned a terrible, terrible truth today, and this post will focus on that fact. I am afraid that my words will […]

via My Terrible Truth — Empty Nest, Full Life


  1. I LOVE the United States of America. I love writing about how my ancestors fled here over 100 years ago to escape persecution and take advantage of new opportunities. I love raising my children here. I love almost everything about my nation.

    But to slightly alter the old saying: “My country, right its wrongs.”

    Our national obsession with firearms is a humiliating and deadly disgrace.

    And I say that as someone fascinated by the Thompson submachine gun (aka Tommy gun aka chopper aka Chicago typewriter) and its links to American history of the 1920s and 1930s, and who would love to inherit his grandfather’s service revolver (he was a Philadelphia police officer for nearly 20 years).

    It is the same as with profits–I don’t object to guns. I object to the reification of guns, the paranoid compulsion to protect ourselves against…I don’t even know what.

    Guns never make one safer, they only heighten the chance a situation will escalate into tragedy.

    And if I hear “thoughts and prayers”: one more time…fuhgeddaboutit.

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    • Yes, I stand with you on that as well- how do prayers make anything different for the next shooter?
      I appreciate your thoughtful contribution as always Matt, thank you

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      • Coyote from Orion says

        I see allowing children access to weapons under particular conditions not an issue so much as guns but one of child cruelty. The only similar conditions I have seen for young people are non criminals committed in the mental health system. As in Watergate… follow the money and we see who is responsible. People will defend their right to sell lead fired by the unit and indoctrinate both sides of the equation to continue the ceaseless debate.
        Try suggesting their kids could be involved…. largactyl is apparently illegal under UN laws but it is amazing how it can come out of the pyxis unit when ordered
        Look at Hollywood. They will be trying to commit Rose no doubt. There is a difference between a soldier and a mercenary when we look at a history of the world. One prefers to farm and he always ends up looking after his family and community.

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  2. I keep asking, what kind of society does nothing, when the lives of children are repeatedly shed? I’m at a loss to even appreciate how the fact automatic weapons are even justified to be sold to a civilian population.

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  3. I popped over there and had a bit of a rant. I don’t know what we who live is countries where this thing is rare (mercifully) and abhorrent, other than support those who do live in the US who stand up and take action. Perhaps that’s enough … only some days it feels like it isn’t. 😦

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    • I know- that’s partly why I re blogged and said I stand with her- what else can I do but add my voice to the calls for gun control? I can’t imagine the stress of living in a country like the US, for many reasons, incl gun ownership.

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