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Teenage Tuesday: “Managing your finite power, with Top Ten Tips for self care”

Over 40? Noticing you have less energy than you used to? After almost 6 years of detailed observation and study, here are this Mum’s Top Ten Tips for returning to the boundless power of your youth:

  1. If you open a drawer or cupboard door, don’t close it; imagine how much effort you’re saving.
  2. If you can’t find something, DO NOT search for it; call out loudly for its whereabouts, and miraculously someone else will know exactly where it is.
  3. When you take the lid off the toothpaste, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE replace it.
  4. Minimize all cleaning/tidying/sorting activities as soon as possible- it’s best to urgently install a house keeper and butler to ease those daily needs (see #1, #2, & #3 above).
  5. Maintain an intense focus for hours on surfing clips, music videos, and occasional computer games, but REFRAIN from studying too much, it’s bad for your eyes.
  6. Practice the ability to party all night in 4 separate locations, then sleep half the day [*see Footnote 1 below].
  7. Maintain an unrealistic view of all financial activities which involve parental loans and repayment agreements.
  8. Manage an extensive social circle comprising of every teenager and leisure event within a 50km radius, but “forget” to tell significant family members what time you will actually be home.
  9. Ensure continuous uptake of fluid and food stuffs, including muesli and/or toast at maximum two-hourly intervals.
  10. Use your inherent capacity for innovation and rebellion to continually improve the smallest of tasks, which all add up to preserving your finite power stocksΒ (Exhibit A below):
Energy-saving for your health over 50

Move as little as possible #selfcare #wellbeing #kitchenhabits #teenagers #over50 #lifestyle

[*Footnote 1: I still miss this a lot]

In gratitude for teenagers showing us the error of our ways, even when it comes to practical ideas for dirty-dish stacking, G xOΒ 


  1. It sounds bad to say it, but I honestly don’t miss my son’s teenage years all that much. He was a sweet and sensitive little boy, and is a funny, loving and hard-working adult. But when he was a teen, there were moments when I could have happily throttled him. And as teens go, he was actually on the tame side!

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    • Lol- it’s ok Ann, this is a safe space for adults- you can admit that stuff! Mine was horrible aged 14-nearly 16 a lot of the time, and thought I was the dumbest Mum to grace the earth 80% of the time… but we still found some small joys. Now that he’s nearly 18, and can drive his own car, we have a lot more fun, & a lot more space from each other. Teenage years are a challenge, for all parties, for all reasons. Bless them! ❀

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  2. Now for the important question… Does he at least rinse things before stacking them? (That way there’s less of a smell, so no one can get too mad.)

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