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Time to get a little serious, and possibly hungry

This healthy breakfast fuels my wellbeing for the day over 50

#idealbreakfast #wellbeing #selfcare #over50 #avocado #paleo #refugeerations @boneAndsilver

So we’ve been having a nice time here lately haven’t we? New fun hair dos, online dating adventures, and even occasional Teenage Tuesday posts [still in negotiations for full time returns of this activity by the way].

I haven’t told you how devastated and outraged I was by the increased conflicts in Syria, and now the latest school shooting in the US; I know you’re all with me in this distress and disbelief of course.

Remember the friend I went walking in Tasmania with for her 50th? She is a tireless advocate for those less well-off than us, and has easily encouraged me to join her in the Act for Peace ‘Ration Challenge’ Australia’.

Basically, we’re going to gain sponsorship to eat only refugee rations for a week, which I’m going to find REALLY HARD.

Here’s how it started:

“Four years ago, Act for Peace staff members Ben Littlejohn and Karen McGrath visited a Burmese refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border. Cramped together in tiny bamboo shelters, people were going hungry because there wasn’t enough money to give rations to everyone. Ben and Karen were angry and ashamed by what they saw and knew that if people back home could understand what refugees were going through, they would want to do more to help. But how?

“From humble beginnings, we never could have imagined just what this growing community would achieve for refugees around the world.” Karen

In 2014, they decided to try living on rations for a week and get sponsored to do it. Joined by 100 pioneering people, they put themselves in the shoes of refugees for seven days, raising awareness and $60,000 – enough to feed 277 refugees for a year. The Ration Challenge was born.

Join us!
In the three years since then, more than 25,000 people across Australia have signed up to survive on rations during Refugee Week in June. Together these incredible people and their generous sponsors have raised almost $6 million.

And importantly, by coming together and taking action, the Ration Challenge community is showing refugees we’re with them, not against them.”

For this incredibly worthy cause, I’m going to miss my perfect daily breakfast so much: organic paleo toast with miso paste, macadamia nut butter, avocado, and turmeric sauerkraut, all freshly sourced from the local famers’ markets each week.

This healthy breakfast fuels my wellbeing for the day over 50

#idealbreakfast #wellbeing #selfcare #over50 #avocado #paleo #refugeerations @boneAndsilver

Because what’s actually IN in the refugee ration pack you wonder? 

Rice – 420g
Lentils – 170g
Dried chick peas – 85g
Tinned sardines – 125g
Tinned kidney beans – 400g
Vegetable oil – 300ml

That’s it. No fruit, no vegetables, and certainly no avocados.

As a vegetarian/vegan, I’m allowed to swap out the sardines for a packet of tofu, but as an enthusiastic and healthy eater, I could literally eat all that in 2 days, not 7.

It doesn’t start till June 17, so I have several more weeks to keep psyching myself into it… and to see if anyone out there wants to come along for the ride? Hit this link for more info:

About ‘Act for Peace’ and the Refugee rations challenge

Obviously I will be blogging about it, then shamelessly asking for sponsorship/donations for such a worthy cause please, so take this as your warning notice, with much love in advance!

In gratitude for the hugely privileged full fridge I live with, and open at least 15 times a day, G xO


  1. Duly noted.

    I will never understand this unwillingness to treat refugees (and other displaced persons) as human beings. Or, rather, I do understand it, and it appalls me.

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  2. Ugh. I read the food list and thought, oh that’s not too bad, I could make a big pot of dahl out of the lentils. Eat it with rice, quite nice. Then I read the bit about not vegetables and realised that onions and garlic are vegetables. Tumeric and cumin don’t appear on the list either. And that’s when the reality of the list hit home. I know you won’t starve to death but…wow, and not in a good way. 😦

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    • I did exactly the same. And then thought about no veggies, no fruit, no nothing spicy 😦 I’m SO not looking forward to this, especially as I love cooking, and going out regularly for lunch… plus eating dahl for a week ain’t gonna be fun for anyone 😦


      • I know that schools are always looking for events that students can help organise so it’s great when I can find one and pass it onto my partner. Thanks again!

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