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Re-blogging because we need this Empathy: “Nia Wilson, Heartbreak Train — Amanda Magee”

This morning was hard. Exhale. The mundane and the tragic collided. My whole morning sprawled out before me in a complicated matrix that would get me to the train station. 858 more words

via Nia Wilson, Heartbreak Train — Amanda Magee


    • Coyote from Orion says

      There was one here in the city last week just around from where my folks live. 19 years old she was. I find it incredibly sad. My family, having experienced it, I always feel for the victims parents and siblings because it changed my entire life. One of those things that if you have been through it you would not even wish it on Adolf Hitler if he were a parent. No parent of any culture should have to bury their own children. Life is strange and those of us who are strong seem to survive it all.
      Bereft is such an apt sounding word.

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        • Coyote from Orion says

          It is a permanent and drastic change. People around the family suffering find it confronting.
          Most families don’t survive it. 23 years on it is difficult still to say what it has done to us. My brother and I were very close and he was a staunch supporter and pillar of strength in my recovery from a major breakdown. He and I discussed our spirituality daily for many years. Mainly music like the Grateful dead and Syd Barrett.
          Death is transformation. I don’t fear my own. It is an inevitable change for us all and I don’t believe we come here to be subject to inescapable cruelty.
          True love only ever grows stronger.
          Thanks for your kind words. 🦊🐺

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          • Thank YOU for sharing such a personal story- you sound amazingly resilient, which comes after great trials… blessings to you Coyote ❤


          • Coyote from Orion says

            Birds of a feather… called identification. The universe supplies what others attribute to us personally.
            Enjoy this week.

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      • I’m so sorry your family has also experienced that. Events like this don’t stop at the generations who are alive at the time, don’t you think? The sadness is handed down for generations. The manner of a person’s death is key, too. If someone young dies of an illness or in an accident, I believe people can cope reasonably well, compared to a deliberate act of violence. Bereft is definitely apt. 😔

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