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Eating with teenage son ’17’ No. 2

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Me: You know, some of my friends can’t believe I still make your lunch every day for school.


Him: I think that’s a bit rough Mum… it hardly even rates as a snack really.





  1. sex line stories says

    This made me laugh. I have a five yr old who never stops eating. I gonna need to take out another mortgage to feed him at 17 lol

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    • Omg totally! I spend a fortune on food- he’s always at the fridge- 6 foot tall & fit & healthy- literally eats a meal every 2 hours! 😳 Definitely start planning ahead 😘. I’m glad you laughed 😊

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  2. I’ve been making my son (now 13) make his lunches for the past year. I told him, “I’ll be damned if I run around trying to get ready, make your breakfast, as well as my own only to have you pester your sister. You obviously have spare time if you can do that…..” LOL

    Some days he chooses to be lazy and not make one at all because he’d rather use that time on his electronics. :-/

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  3. Trace-Blogs says

    I LOVE making my 17’s lunch. It is such a little thing but there was a while where i wasn’t doing it because he lived with his dad and honestly, it was just heart breaking. Sounds so trivial but it really matters to me.

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