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Living with teenage son No.6

Him: Mum, can my friend Elly pop over and borrow some muffin tins? She’s made the batter already, and just realised she doesn’t have any.

Me: Sure [feeling smug that I’m such a domestic goddess]. But I need them back in a couple of days…


Me: [Texting ’17’ at his Dad’s]Β Hey where are my muffin tins?

Him: Oh yeah. Hang on… [Multiple teenage communication apps launched simultaneously] They’re at her Mum’s. But she’s at her Dad’s.

Me: WellΒ I need them back ASAP [Subtext “Before I forget for another month”]

Him: Hang on… [Apps flurry & beep]… Can you get them yourself? She won’t be back till after weekend.

Me: [*sigh]. Sure. What’s address? And her Mum’s name? We’ve never met.

Him: [Flurry & beep] Address is ******.

Me: [In Blue]

Texting with teenage son #coolMum #teenager #over50 #positiveaging

Texting with teenage son #coolMum #teenager #over50 #positiveaging @boneAndsilver


Me: Wait- so I have to let myself into her Mum’s dark house, ‘cos no one’s home?

Him: Yup. Back door always open. It’s cool Mum.




Texting with teenage son #coolMum #teenager #over50 #positiveaging @boneAndsilver

Texting with teenage son #coolMum #teenager #over50 #positiveaging @boneAndsilver


  1. Now you should narrate the funny encounter with the mother:” hi,hello I’m the owner of the muffin tin,can I have them back please?nice to meet you and goodbye β€œπŸ˜‚

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  2. I live I the centre of town so I am careful to always lock my doors. When I lived rural I was also careful because we were burgled once and it was horrible. Mind you, they bashed in our front door with my kids shovels!

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    • Ugh, that’s sounds awful, I’m sorry to hear it. I have a friend who maintains she will only ever live where she can do two things safely: leave her car keys in the ignition, & mow her lawn naked except for gumboots πŸ˜ƒ


  3. Ha ha that’s hilarious! Wow, that sounds like genuine rural! I have always lived within a 40km distance from the CBD in Adelaide, so most of that territory means people somewhere about. Lots of people in rural areas leave their doors open all the time but shed burglary and obviously house burglary in rural areas is a big earner

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  4. Haha this is priceless and you have more courage than me. Haha I’m not sure I could have gone into a strangers house like that. You must have really needed those tins. Loved the text convo

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